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English name:
Molecular formula:
Molecular weight:
CAS No.:
Structural formula:
Specification and property:
Appearance: White or yellowish crystalline powder
Melting point:>54℃
Boilding point: 325.9℃
Flash point: 139.4℃
Content: >99.%
Moisture: <0.1%
Acrylamide: ≤0.4%
Packing: 25kg lined with polyethylene bag, fiber drum
Safety instruction:
Toxicity data: LD50 mice oral taken: 7.7 mmol/kg
Precautionary measure: Completely clean the skin directly contact with the product after operation. Shall not eat, drink water or smoke when using this product
Storage: Should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse
Extinguishing method: Put out a fire by water, alcohol resistant foam, dry powder or carbon dioxide
Diacetoneacrylamide (DAAM) is an important vinyl monomer. DAAM molecular structure has multi-functional gene, which easily generates copolymerization with other vinyl monomers, thus introduces ketone carbonyl from hydrotropic polymer; taking advantage of the lively chemical property of ketone carbonyl, the polymer can occur reactions such as: polymerization, cross-linking reaction, addition reaction, etc. DAAM is widely applied in coating, adhesive, epoxy resin curing agent, silver halide imaging material, electronic packaging material, thermosetting polymer photosensitive resin additive, textile additive and other fields. DAAM can be also added into co-polymer as polymer modification monomer, it is the modifier of various polymers.
In recent years, the water-based paint and adhesive taking acrylic ester as the basic raw material have important position for excellent environmental protection and favorable comprehensive performances. Diacetoneacrylamide has been widely applied. Diacetoneacrylamide has little toxicity, especially has great benefit to enhance the bonding property of the coating, As functional monomer, DAAM can introduce ketone carbonyl form acrylate emulsion copolymer chain. Adding a certain amount of adipyl in this emulsion, after the film formation, the polymer emulsion realize cross-linking at room temperature. After adding DAAM, the emulsion coating has greatly improved on water resistance and solvent resistance and other performances. and greatly improved the cross-linking performance of this polymer.
Obviously, takes diacetoneacrylamide as an important chemical product, and it will be highly praised by the customers.
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